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It’s Not Complicated. Did you ever notice that the scholars of the law, the Pharisees and Sadducees always tried to make things complicated in order to test Jesus? He asked them a question, told them a simple story or gave them a simple answer. For instance, in today’s Gospel reading a scholar asked Jesus how he could receive eternal life. Jesus answered, “What is written in the law?” This was a simple question for the scholar to answer correctly himself and he did. When the scholar tried to complicate it more by asking who is my neighbor, Jesus shared the story of the Good Samaritan. Many times in our lives, we do the same thing as this scholar. We make things complicated without even realizing it and we search for answers that are really right in front of our faces. We search for answers from Jesus that He has already answered for us but we missed it because we were looking for a complicated answer. As Moses shared with the Israelites in the first reading, “this command that I enjoin on you today is not too mysterious or remote for you.” This week would be a great time for us to reflect on the question, “For what answers am I searching?”