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    3/24/2018 - 4:00 PM   Servers, Ministers, Lectors
    Authentic Discipleship: Have you ever heard people say that the Christian life is easy and that we just need to be nice people? People who say such things are woefully ignorant. Jesus challenges us today in the Gospel and shows us that authentic discipleship is hard. However, He also teaches us that great fruit can be borne for the Kingdom of God when we choose to die to ourselves and suffer with purpose in this earthly life. We are called this Lent to make the journey all the way to Cal- vary with our Lord, for He tells us that where He is His disciples will also be. Let’s kick it up a notch as we near the end of Lent with more prayer, fasting, almsgiving, works of charity, and self- denial so that others may taste the love of God and know the salvation found in Jesus Christ, salvation bought at an infinite price.