Please Pray for All The Sick
 Jimmy Sampson, Barb Sampson, Agnes Wagstaff, Lucille Warden, Reng Winters, Mary Villmer, Sharon Schultz, Pamela Willis, Patty Valle, Jan Connolly, Glenn Snyder, Jenny Ball, David Dauster, Cathy Villmer, Tom Schilling, Carol Taggart, Sharon Fournie,  Jonell Burch, Marsha Slater, Priscilla Cobb, Roger Brockmiller, Elmer Huggins, Chester Wells,  Clare Clubb, John Stuart, Tim Meyer, Serena Vitela, Jordan Winckel, Kristen Brewer, Howard Taggart, Ginger Chandler.

Let us always be mindful to give Thanks & Praise to our Heavenly Father

for prayers answered!


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