Symbolism Behind the Logo
The “All Things New” logo design encompasses three main themes: first, it is based off the rosette stained glass window at the Cathedral Basilica. Second, it’s floral look symbolizes new life. Third, it resembles a monstrance which contains the Eucharist-the source and summit of our lives as Christians. The lighter blue layer of “petals” can be symbolized as our parish community/family that is close to Christ and our mission in the New Evangelization to reach those that are a part of our community but have not encountered Christ. The darker blue layer of “petals” is symbolic of our mission as we expand out into the world. Our mission is to be rooted inward but always looking and moving outward towards the world to engage it.
All Things New Pastoral Planning effort is moving to a conclusion. There are proposed models presented for each of the Sectional Planning. Feedback will be garnered from those presentations and this will be used to come to a final decision. There are three possible outcomes: 1. A parish may be left as it is. This will happen in some cases given size and geographical location. 2. One parish will be created by the merging of two or more existing parishes. 3. Multiple parishes may end up sharing one Pastor/ Clergy Team. This can also be seen as a collaborative arrangement. In this arrangement, there may be multiple Church/Worship sites. There has not been any determinations yet which outcomes will be utilized for any given area. So, the process is continuing. As hard information is available to be shared, I will provide this.