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"Do You Believe...?"
Society secularizes everything: they changed BC and AD to C.E. (common era) and B.C.E. (before common era). They use these terms to divide human history. But the most significant time in human history is what we celebrate today: RESURRECTION TIME. Raising Christ from the dead, God ushered in a new era, the era of life beyond death. We believers should always live and rejoice in Resurrection Time! Resurrection Time living means trusting and celebrating with j o y and hope eternal life with Christ. NOW! Resurrection Time does not wait until after the tomb.
Resurrection Time means that God has chosen in the only Begotten Son to bring new life to the world. It therefore means that we too are called to bring new life to the world: resurrected life! In the beginning of time God created the world. In the fullness of time God saved the world. God formed us in the image of God; Jesus Christ renewed us in His own Resurrected Image. Therefore we are commanded to bring new life and grace, being creative and salvific in the way we live and breathe. We hear Paul tell us on Easter Sunday morning; “If then you were raised with Christ, seek what is above” (emphasis mine). We are, we must be PEOPLE of the RESURRECTION.
We are called to be active in the redemptive work of the Lord. We are living in RESSURECTION TIME!
Alleluia! Christ is Risen! Alleluia! Christ has conquered death. Alleluia! Christ has redeemed us! We celebrate as if it is the Day of Resurrection because it is the Day of Resurrection. Resurrection is now! Resurrection is happening today! Redemption is ours! “How can we keep from singing?!”
Easter Vigil we gathered in the shadow of the tomb, in the darkness of night. We waited in sacred anticipation, united in faith, conscious that Jesus Christ has changed everything. Life is renewed, not ended.
As we gathered around the new fire, we recalled the pillar of fire that led the Chosen People on their nighttime journey from captivity to freedom. That fire assured us that God will not fail us either. It reminds us Christ dispels the darkness in our lives, the darkness that hinders our way to God, darkness of sin and evil.
A L L E L U I A!

We must, therefore, be People of the Light! We must work against the darkness. We must bring light into the darkness of hunger and poverty. Into the darkness of doubt and despair. Into the darkness of hate and racism. Into the darkness of violence and greed. Into the darkness that blinds us to evil. Into the darkness of indifference and complacency. Into the darkness of death, ruin and eternal nothingness.
We trust, we believe, that Christ Jesus is the LIGHT OF THE WORLD. That Jesus Christ passed from death to life. That in Him we all live in newness of life. Christ will lead us through death to eternal life.
Easter morning, we gather in the bright light of day. We remember our history, the history of salvation. We remember creation, Abraham whom God trusted to people the earth, Moses, David and the prophets, who spoke God’s word in Jesus Christ. We remember the new COVENANT, a covenant that God will never break, formed in the sacrifice of the one who laid down his life for us. 
Christ is Risen! We are Risen! Alleluia! 
Fr. Bob
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