Missionary Discipleship--
The Theological Virtues
The Gospel story of Christ raising Lazarus from the dead is a beautiful account that teaches the power of faith, hope, and charity. These virtues are essential in allowing us to participate in the life of God. Christ states that he is the resurrection and the life and that those who have FAITH in Him will never die but will live forever. Those who HOPE in the Lord will not be disappointed but will look forward to eternal life with a fervent desire for heaven. Hope enables us to trust in God’s promises and to rely on His grace and not our own efforts. Finally, the story shows the LOVE Jesus had for His friend Lazarus. Jesus loves the Father perfectly and all His creation for the love of God. The theological virtues are infused by God into our souls to make us capable of acting as God’s children and of meriting eternal life (CCC 1813). As we approach Holy Week, let us pray for a deeper awareness of these glorious virtues that are present in us when we are in the state of grace.