Missionary Discipleship 
Most Holy Trinity-The Triune God

I have often heard priests tell me that this solemnity is one of the most difficult days in the liturgical year on which to preach a good homily. It is difficult to preach a homily on such a central mystery of our faith like the Trinity. What is essential to remember for all Catholics is to simply listen to the readings and each of the prayers today for the Mass. Within these texts we can find spiritual insights about the Trinity. For example, the preface for the Mass today provides a great summary of the Church’s teaching on the mystery of the Trinity: “For what you have revealed to us of your glory we believe equally of your Son and of the Holy Spirit, so that, in the confessing of the true and eternal Godhead, you might be adored in what is proper to each Person, their unity in substance, and their equality in majesty.” One God in three Persons is always there for us.