FIRST FRIDAY St. Stephen DEVOTIONS May 7, 2021
Monthly Adoration of the Most Blessed Sacrament will be the first Friday from 9:00 a.m. until 6:00 p.m Please call the rectory if you would like to be scheduled for a specific hour or just feel free to drop in any time that day.
Quilt winner– Nona Alderson of Desoto.
On the subject of QUILTS, is anyone interested in joining the quilt group? They used to meet on Tuesday but since Covid, that has changed. The day of the week is flexible, or perhaps you might be interested in doing some work on your own time, either at the hall or in your home.

The Quilters have been a staple of this parish for many years and have provided financial assistance on various projects at the hall, the church, and the rectory.

Please consider if you are able to provide your time or talents.
We thank them for all their past dedication and hope to see it continue in the future.
Holy Week Schedule 
Holy Saturday, April 3rd
Easter Vigil Mass
8:00 pm   St. Francis
Easter Sunday, April 4th
 Mass of the Lord’s Resurrection
8:00 am   St. Stephen
10:00 am   St. Francis
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We have noticed we are have some “regular visitors”, if you are interested in becoming a parishioner, there are registration forms in the back of the church. You can also call the rectory at your convenience 573-678-2207.